tire factory, wilson NC

cooling pit meredith piling and shoring

In Wilson, we completed piling and shoring inside a tire factory—all while normal factory functions continued around us.

The factory needed to excavate a cooling pit. Originally, we were called in to underpin an existing column with micropiles so that the pit could be dug around it. These micropiles were installed as friction piles drilled through the existing column footing. 

However, after we installed the piles and the excavation of the pit had begun, the factory’s safety inspectors deemed the pit too close to existing machinery and shut down the project. That’s where our flexibility came in: we quickly drew up plans for and installed temporary shoring on the pit.

We did all of this with limited access as the production line continued operating around us. In fact, we completed the entire shoring job with handheld tools, enabling the crew to continue excavating in safe conditions.