tiebacks meredith piling and shoring


Tiebacks provide high-capacity, active anchorage that enables retaining walls to resist lateral or uplift loads. When we install the bonded portion of the tieback in the soil at a specific depth, we transfer the load beyond the soil’s potential failure plain. This technique ensures that the wall can hold a heavy load for a long time. We then tension the tiebacks and lock them off, verifying their capacity and imposing the desired load on the retaining wall.



Economical: Tiebacks can economically resist large tension forces. 

High Capacity: Tiebacks allow retaining walls to bear heavy loads.

Long-Lasting: We can incorporate corrosion protection into our design, ensuring a long service life for our tiebacks.

Active: Unlike passive anchors such as soil nails, tiebacks are active, meaning that the retaining wall does not need to move to develop the capacity of the anchor.


the MP&S difference

We are well-equipped to install and tension tiebacks quickly and efficiently. Our mobile equipment and flexible team can mobilize quickly and work with restricted access.

Contact us today with your tieback needs and we will help you find a cost-effective and flexible solution.



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