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Soil nailing is a top-down shoring technique that allows for both temporary and permanent retaining structures. Our permanent soil nail wall designs save significant costs compared to temporary shoring when constructing modular block retaining structures. Soft face soil nail walls also provide economical temporary shoring on sites where the excavation does not need to be vertical and the soil is cohesive.



Low Impact: Soil nail walls have a minimal impact on surrounding properties. We can also install them over older failing walls without having to remove the existing wall.

Adaptable: Soil nail walls are more adaptable to sites with limited subsurface information. As a project progresses, we can easily modify the design to address variations in subsurface conditions.

Solves Limited Access Problems: Because soil nailing equipment is portable and takes up very little space, it is an ideal solution for projects with limited access.

Cost Effective: Soil nail walls are the most economical type of shoring. We use small, flexible equipment, making it an even more cost-effective solution.

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the MP&S difference

Our smaller, more flexible equipment allows us to work from more limited spaces than many of our competitors. We can install soil nail walls from a shaft as small as 5 square feet. While some of our competitors will only work from a 30- or 40-foot bench, we can work from a 12-foot bench. On a recent project at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, we were able to drill down within a 17-foot-high space.

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