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Drilled micropiles are small-diameter, high-capacity piling that can be used for underpinning existing structures, supporting new structures, and as uplift anchors.



Cost Effective: Micropiles boast a clear cost advantage for smaller projects with limited numbers of piles. The low mobilization costs of our equipment make micropiles more economical than other deep foundation systems.

Flexible: Micropiles are more adaptive than other methods when unforeseen issues on the job site occur. If we ever encounter unfavorable subsurface conditions, we can easily adapt the micropiles to a new plan.

High Capacity: Micropiles can carry a large load, providing high capacity for both compression and tension.

Solves Limited Access Problems: Micropiles can be installed close to existing walls and in low overhead areas.


the MP&S difference

With our versatile equipment and innovative approach, we can help you find a solution to almost any access problem. We can install vertical micropiles as close as 4 inches to an existing wall, fit our micropile drill rig through a 32-inch door, and operate under an 8-foot ceiling.

Contact us today with your micropiling needs and we will help you find a cost-effective and flexible solution.



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