Bridge replacement, Little Horse Creek NC

little horse creek meredith piling and shoring

Residents in a rural area of North Carolina faced a problem: their sole access point to surrounding areas was an aging timber bridge, but the bridge needed to be replaced.

We installed temporary soil nail walls to shore up the road, ensuring that residents could continue to safely access the bridge during its replacement. We worked adjacent to but several feet below the water level of the creek, meaning that we had to constantly pump water. In addition, we were drilling in soils that were a mixture of soft soil and hard rock. We adapted our technique to the mixed soil conditions, drilling quickly so that the holes in the soil would stay open long enough for us to place our nails. Throughout all of this, we worked hard to keep the cuttings from the drilling and shotcrete out of the creek. This maintained the water quality of the stream, which had a protected population of trout. 

This project is a great example of the lengths we’ll go to for our clients. We’ll mobilize quickly to rural areas, complete a small job efficiently, adapt to changing conditions—and get muddy in the process.

Gary Eisner of Vannoy said of our work: “Meredith Piling & Shoring did a good job on this project. Everything went well and they did their work in a timely manner. They met our expectations and we would recommend them to others in the field.”