Storm Sewer Repair, Jonesville NC


When a storm sewer failed and caused a sinkhole to open up, the town of Jonesville faced a major problem. The sinkhole threatened the only road leading to the town’s main employer, a textile factory. NCDOT hired J. R. Vannoy to conduct emergency repairs and maintain access to the factory for the residents of Jonesville. When J.R. Vannoy brought us on as a subcontractor, we designed our plans and mobilized to the site within two weeks.

As a first step, we excavated 40 feet deep on either side of the road. This enabled us to construct temporary soil nail walls that shored up the road. As we worked, significant volumes of storm water continued to flow through the damaged pipe and into our work site. To add to the challenge, we were excavating and shoring in poorly compacted fills.

We stayed flexible throughout the job, constantly adjusting our plans to address the realities of the site. Our small size allowed us to mobilize and complete the job quickly, while our on-site decision making helped ensure that the factory could stay open for the residents of Jonesville.

Here’s what Gary Eisner of Vannoy had to say about our work: “Meredith Piling & Shoring did a good job on this project. Everything went well and they did their work in a timely manner. They met our expectations and we would recommend them to others in the field.”