East End connector, Durham NC

east end meredith piling and shoring

In our work for the East End Connector, we installed 11,000 square feet of temporary soil nail walls and 7,000 square feet of permanent soil nail walls adjacent to Highway 70. These walls range in height up to 25 feet, and the temporary soil nail walls will remain in place for up to two years. The permanent soil nail walls are being used to protect a historic cemetery as Highway 70 is expanded.

During the project, we encountered some poorly compacted fills. The old road embankments had not been well compacted and had low bond strength, requiring close coordination with NCDOT to modify the shoring design as construction proceeded. With our small size and flexibility, we quickly adapted our design and continued working.

We also installed reinforced shotcrete lagging between soldier pile walls adjacent to an active railroad track. That meant that we had to complete our work during narrow windows when train traffic had been suspended.

Here’s what Tim Kincaid of Dragados had to say about our work: “Meredith Piling & Shoring were great to work with. This was a very complicated project requiring a lot of coordination, but they were responsive with engineering plans, approvals, and field coordination. They definitely exceeded our expectations and always found ways to get the job done. For example, we asked them to work some unfavorable hours such as weekends and nights and they always came through. Meredith Piling & Shoring have been one of the easiest contractors that we’ve ever worked with. They saw us as partners and made the work a team effort. I’ve been very happy with their work and would absolutely recommend them to others in the field.”